Painting and Finishing

Metalcraft has upgraded its paint lines to allow us to paint with “Two Pass Powder”. Industry calls this “Dust to Dust or “Dry on Dry” where the primer is covered by topcoat and then cured. This innovative process allows for a powder primer and top coat to be applied with only a single cure stage. And best of all, it provides tough corrosion protection with a smooth finish.
  • Conveyorized Painting Systems

    (3) Conveyorized Painting Systems Featuring:
    One 7-Stage System with Iron Phosphate Cleaner with Two 5-Stage Systems
    Electrostatically Applied Wet and Powder Paints to Customer Specification
    Automatic Guns Triggered by Optic Sensors along with Robotic/Automated Powder Application
    Up to 15ft x 9ft x 4 1/2ft Sart Sizes and up to 3,000 lb Rail Capacity
    (1) Monorail Batch Wash, Powder Paint and Cure System with a Size Capacity of 6' x 13' x 24 and a 3000 lb. Rail Capacity