Tank Manufacturing

Our dedicated tank value stream begins with the DFM collaboration our customers have come to expect. Next, a high level of automation helps us stay lean throughout the process. And finally, our state-of-the-art leak-detection sniffing rooms and vacuum chambers ensure even the strictest customer requirements are met—at a reasonable price. In addition, we offer a three-year warranty on all tanks.

Leak Testing

Tanks are processed through dedicated leak-testing rooms and/or chambers with approval settings based on our validated experience and customer requirements. This includes a final automated "Go/No-Go" test with a measured leak rate associated with each specific tank. Every test is recorded to a database for part history and traceability.

Sniffing Tracer Gases

  • Sniffing with tracer gases using mass spectrometers resolves many issues associated with immersion tests.

Leak Testing: Helium Vacuum Chamber

  • Every tank can have a customized program to suit all aspects of a customer’s requirements. In addition, two duplicate systems provide greater throughput capacity and productivity.
Leak-Testing Details


Tanks are cleaned utilizing an automated cleaning sequence to ensure maximum reliability. As customers' cleaning requirements in newer products become more stringent, we are continually building new methods into our process to meet these needs.

Tank-Cleaning Details