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Our long history of collaboration with customers from a wide range of industries—old and new—gives us the real-world knowledge we need to complete projects on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards.


Utilizing Metalcraft’s Automation Division, Metalcraft Automation Group, we not only employ advanced automation in service of our customers’ projects, we also help businesses design and build their own automated systems.

Automation Details


Commercial Lawn Care



Metalcraft creates complex weldments that strengthen the parts used in today’s industrial machinery. Our commitment to quality and ability to create the perfect solution for tough, everyday use makes us the perfect partner for any scenario. We continue to innovate our welding process as well as streamline assembly workflows to maximize quality and efficiency.


Our talented staff believes it is an honor to serve our military by manufacturing the heavy weldments that protect our soldiers as they protect our way of life. ITAR-compliant and -registered, Metalcraft will continue to help keep our armed forces ready for duty by investing in our facilities, our technologies, our processes, and our people.


Metalcraft creates complex weldments for the mining industry. Our experienced team works directly with OEMs to validate product specs and provide industry-leading components and assemblies. We also work directly with our mining clients to meet and exceed the standards for each vehicle component. This tight integration between OEM and Metalcraft is what sets us apart.

Power Generation

Our tank manufacturing also includes the ability to support the needs and requirements of the power-generation markets, as we have experience in manufacturing and supplying base-frame fuel cells that are compliant with UL-142 requirements in the industry.