Capabilities Mean Possibilities

At Metalcraft, people, process, tools, and technology come together to exceed our customers' expectations.

Strategy & Engineering

Because we thrive on collaboration and view every project as an opportunity to work closely with our talented customers, Metalcraft engineers always deliver maximum value—whether they're designing original parts or offering key insights on existing work.


Combine our 4,700-square-foot Tech Center, our in-house tool-design capabilities, and our constant search for DFM (design for manufacturing) opportunities, and it’s easy to see how we're able to help our customers rapidly bring their ideas to fruition.


From cutting to forming, welding to machining, and painting to assembly, Metalcraft offers a seamless, end-to-end production experience.

Tank Manufacturing

With our industry-leading tank manufacturing processes and value streams, Metalcraft has never experienced a leaky tank in the field. As part of our continuous improvement in tank manufacturing, we diligently review all aspects of a given tank design, which include: proper weld-shelf sizing, torch accessibility, adequate drainage ports/location, use of standard ports/weld flanges, as well as the ideal location for lifting lugs to ensure proper orientation for cleaning and drainage of a reservoir.


Our customers aren’t required to do any preassembly—and working with us only gets easier from there.

Metalcraft has:

  • Worldwide part-sourcing capabilities.
  • Multiple assembly lines for products of all shapes and sizes.
  • The ability to complete assembly on paint lines when necessary.
  • The ability to direct ship to our customers’ assembly lines.



To understand why customers turn to us for their inspection needs, start with a thorough inspection of our credentials and equipment.

  • Level 1-to-4 PPAP and validation is nationally recognized
  • Equipment:
    • (3) DCC CMMs
    • (2) laser inspection tables
    • (8) portable FaroArm® arms with up to a 12-ft. working envelope

Painting & Finishing

Paint lines are located at every Metalcraft facility, allowing each one to operate as a standalone location. Just as important, we've upgraded to allow for “two-pass powder” capabilities. In this innovative process, a powder primer and top coat are applied with only a single cure stage. Best of all, it provides tough corrosion protection with a smooth finish.

Painting & Finishing Details

Logistics & Delivery

Dedicated and driven to provide on time, quality product to both internal and external stakeholders, Metalcraft will support any customer’s logistics needs and provide door-to-door service with our trucks and trailers.

Logistics & Delivery Details