Gamache Systems and FJR Automation Systems Unite to Form Metalcraft Automation Group

Mayville, Wis. – Metalcraft of Mayville Inc. is pleased to announce that two of its companies – FJR Automation Systems (West Bend, WI) and Gamache Systems (New Berlin, WI) – have merged and will rebrand as Metalcraft Automation Group, a turnkey manufacturing automation solutions provider.

FJR Automation Systems, acquired in December 2018, and Gamache Systems, acquired in April 2019, were strategic additions to Metalcraft’s portfolio to help advance its industry-leading manufacturing capabilities. Since the acquisitions, the two companies have increasingly been involved with integrating turnkey automation solutions with top-tier companies across the United States, including Metalcraft’s production facilities, making the day-to-day tasks of manufacturing employees safer, easier, and more efficient.

“The Automation Division has significantly implemented turnkey automation solutions within our own production plants to address industry wide challenges,” said Director of Automation, Fred Gahlman. “We have seen great returns on our automation investments, and we will continue to partner with others to help find automation opportunities to excel their operations as well.”

According to Mr. Gahlman, the merger will be a smooth transition for employees at FJR Automation Systems and Gamache Systems since both organizations work collaboratively on projects for customers today. Gahlman also added, “We have already witnessed an immense amount of team building between the two workgroups, and we only expect their relationships to grow now that they share a common brand identity.”

The merger will not impact the status of the employees or customers of FJR Automation Systems or Gamache Systems, and each team will remain at their respective locations. For more information, visit