Metalcraft of Mayville Acquires Land in Beaver Dam

Mayville, Wis. – Metalcraft of Mayville Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of two vacant parcels of land, totaling 9 acres, adjacent to its Beaver Dam facility, effective March 14, 2019.

The announcement comes after negotiations for the land came to a close with Apache Stainless Equipment Corp. and Beaver Dam Community Hospital.

“The success of our Beaver Dam facility is the main driver for this new acquisition,” said Metalcraft President and COO, Randy Gloede. “With the additional land around our existing facility in Beaver Dam, we have reserved our right to expand as our business continues to grow.”

Metalcraft acquired its location in Beaver Dam back in September, 2017, from Venture Manufacturing. At the time of the purchase, the facility had 42 employees, all of whom were welcomed to continue their employment with Metalcraft. Since 2017, the team has grown immensely and now includes three separate work shifts employing over 120 workers. Gloede attributes this rapid growth over the last two years to investments made into state-of-the-art technology and new equipment which have allowed Metalcraft’s Beaver Dam facility to reach its full potential.